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PT. Duta Buana Mandiri is Coal Trading Company which established in 2012 has official office in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our  company has a Coal Export License (IUP-OPK & ET) issued by the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board, an official Governmental entity. To ensure long-term supply needs with all our customers, We have established long-term cooperative relationships with several coal mining companies in East Kalimantan. We also have our own coal mines, namely PT. Energitama Bumi Arum with 4.964 Hectare with IUOP license concession area which located in Muara Teweh Central Kalimantan.

We have exported coal to many countries in the world like Korea, India, China, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Taiwan, Vietnam. We also supply our Coal within locals to fill  buyers needs in our country in Indonesia.The coal we supply is one of the best quality with ultra-low sulfur and low nitrogen coal with excellent burnout characteristics and good ash chemistry. The very low level of pollutants in this coal allows us to market the coal as an environment friendly product.

Export Document's :

IUP-OPK (Mining License) :

  • Ditjen Minerba (Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia)
    Numb : 675 K/30/DJB/2014
  • BKPM (Investment Coordinating Board of the Republic of Indonesia)
    Numb : 2/1/IUP-PB/PMDB/2015
  • BKPM (Investment Coordinating Board of the Republic of Indonesia)
    Numb : 102/1/IUP/PMDN/2018


ET Batubara (Export License) :

  • Kementrian Perdagangan (The Minister of Trade of The Republic of Indonesia)
    Numb : 03.ET-04.14.0220



  • Being one of the best companies in Indonesia which is a professional business partner
    that can be trusted.

Mission :

  • Providing the best service for our customer.
  • Building good and long-term cooperative relationship with our customer and local communities.
  • Provide our customer with high quality products.